Little Souls

“Little souls often live ordinary lives, but they are called to do so with extraordinary faith, hope, and love . . . Their extraordinary love consists in their efforts to keep trying, to keep striving to love God and neighbor in the little things. In fact, their aim is to do little things with great … More Little Souls

Family Flowers Bloom

(Prayer/poem originally written in March of 2017) God, bless the Family Flowers to stretch and to bloom this springtime of Lent filled with sweetest perfume of Sacrifice! Praise! for Harvest make room! by birthing in shadows Christ’s Light from the Womb of our Mother’s dear heart a lamp burning still Her Flame to outlast any … More Family Flowers Bloom

The Realia Rainbow

The Realia Rainbow is circular hidden dynamically reflective of everything and marches overhead as a Gateway arching the Word of Truth in candid and chromatic Ways with Promises we could never, ever create but only follow and with gulping gazes drinking of its Majesty while beneath it no tiny hand can fully craft nor imitate … More The Realia Rainbow