A Word of Wisdom for Wednesday

Okay, so this Wednesday’s “word” turned into more than one word, but I could not resist. This sign was posted by the childrens’ restroom at an elemetary school where I attended a teacher training for the past two and a half weeks. 

Every day I passed this sign multiple times and never noticed it. A few days ago it caught my eye, so I paused to read and reread it. How elementary it is struck me. 

“Back to the basics, Christie,” God seemed to be whispering from the wisdom on this wall to His child. 

They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I am thankful for whoever created this sign at that elementary school and that, when I was ready to receive its simple words of wisdom, it gently spoke. 

I pray it speaks to you today as well, and may the Lord be with you. 

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